Zegovia was established on April 18th, 2015 by guitarist and singer Seth Mireles, drummer Matt Mireles, and bassist Scott Dunn. Originally a fun way to get together and share their common interest in music, they decided to step it up, give it a name, and turn their project into a full on band. The band however was still not complete. At the time of the formation, they were looking for a 2nd guitar player, but played as a trio for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, before they found their next band member, Scott had to leave the band and that gave Seth and Matt the challenge to try and find the next members.

They got their wish when Seth's high school marching band program was hosting an event to bring in guest musicians to play with the band for a night. Thanks to fellow marching members, Seth met Joshua Knapp. When the night was over, Josh already had the job as 2nd player in Zegovia. The band was finally complete when they took in Seth's long time friend Luc on the bass. Nothing could stop the band now. Except this...

The bands original name was Segovia, named after Seth and Luc's middle school Spanish teacher. Despite hating their school, they loved the class that she taught, so the band chose the name as a tribute to Mrs. Segovia. The name was later changed to "Zegovia" for copyright reasons, and to avoid confusion with Andres Segovia.

The band released their first EP/demo on January 28th, 2016, and just released their new single, "Loser"!

Zegovia releases all of their recorded music on Spotify, iTunes, and many other streaming/download services.

We have new EP coming out April 20, 2017!

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